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Happiness is a warm puppy

So today was different from the usual. I treated the 2 Team Leaders who help run my team for me to breakfast at - wait for it - The Ivy in Chelsea. For those of you unfamiliar, the original Ivy, based in London's West End, is one of the most famous, exclusive and established restaurants in London. For those interested in reading the full history, here it is.

The Chelsea branch is indeed a spectacular site - a stunning art deco interior, with a garden area as well.

As if that wasn't enough, later that morning a colleague brought in their handsome and docile pet greyhound, Archie. He was a very, very good boy, and I took him for a walk around the nearby churchyard at lunchtime, which he loved. I was giving him cuddles at every opportunity (I didn't get much work done, truth be told), and he cuddled me back - as best as a greyhound can, I suppose - by leaning his body into my legs. I have longed for a dog since I was a little boy, but alas, it has not yet come to pass. I couldn't leave him alone all day while I was at work, so I am counting down the 40+ years I have remaining of work before I can retire and have one.

What a world.

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